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Trai seeks views on regulating communication apps like Whatsapp, Skype

In an article about TRAI asking for industry's views on regulating social media apps, Prasanth Sugathan was quoted as saying “OTTs are currently regulated as per the provisions of the Information Technology Act and tax laws, among others. Regulators should be careful that proposed laws do not end up affecting the Open Internet as we know it,” 


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India tops list of countries which faced internet shutdowns: Report

In an article about India leading the world in the number of internet shutdowns SFLC report on internet shutdowns was mentioned.

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India tops world with most Net shutdowns

The article about India having highest number of internet shutdowns in the world, data from SFLC's internet shutdown tracker was mentioned.


Digital Rajasthan needs to be scanned: Low security, expertise and understanding blight state's cyber drive

In an article discussing digital security of Rajasthan, data from Software Freedom Law Centre's internet shutdown tracker has been mentioned

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Socially adept: How India Inc is battling trolls

In an article discussing India's battle against the trolls and its challenges, Mishi Choudhary was quoted as saying “It is detrimental for a company to shut down queries of concerned customers even if the information that has worried the customer in the first place is unverifiable.” 


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Brazil’s experience a red flag for WhatsApp in Indian polls, say experts

In an article discussing the influence of whatsapp on upcoming elections and ways to deal with it, SFLC spokesperson was quoted as saying "A shutdown is completely against freedom of speech and that’s our view,”

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India is turning off the internet to fight fake news

In an article discussing restrictions placed on internet to fight against fake news, SFLC spokesperson was quoted as saying “Any time there’s going to be a protest, whether peaceful or not, the first thing the authorities do is shut the internet down so there’s no communication"

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Internet shutdown a day costs Kashmir subscribers Rs 2.5 crore

In an article discussing financial loses due to internet shutdowns in Kashmir, data by SFLC.in has been mentioned